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Let’s agree that in the digital era without the news aggregator nothing can be so overwhelming. Not in total but enormous data that is put on is scattered all over the globe. In the meantime, a popular news aggregator named INFToday born to save time, to fetch all of the news, updates, insights, tips, articles into one place reforming the ways people use to read the news.

Who are we?

INFToday is a reputable aggregator of news and information from all over the web which will help you & others to read them at one single place. INFToday aims to convert into value for both users and publishers. INFToday operates the business in the most ethical way by offering attribution and link to the original site to avoid content duplicity. INFToday is an emerging news aggregator app that helps publishers by eradicating the hard work of negotiating and securing distribution.
Nevertheless, INFToday a news aggregator App started back a year with a brilliant mindset to pull in news stories from all over the spectrum. INFToday stands to truly contain a definitive list of news stories and has become one of the deserving names in the news aggregator segment. We fondled each section in arrangements with news articles into popular, latest and breaking which make the app look more user-friendly.

Why us?

News aggregators usually gets hold up content from other attributes and make them available at one single place for easy reading. There are more than a million people use news aggregators app to know what’s going around the world. There are numerous diversities among the news aggregator app. There are several reasons why people choose INFToday news aggregator app over others. We’re one of the most widely sourced news aggregator App as because we think there is no point in finding news through the tedious search-click-search-click process. That’s why we have curated news from different genres, stories, articles in one place.
On the top the reason we say INFToday looks far superior over its counterparts because we have pulled out a simple & minimalistic design, to follow news of your choice through scrolling. Its interface is more visual appeal than over its competitors. Although it is free, we thought to give a professional look and feel which our users like the most.

We list out some of the magnificent content for our users. In spite of the fact that we provide you with a great way to bookmark and manage the list of web articles, you may read at some later point in time. INFToday news aggregators App is a good place to start your news reading today. With a simple design and contemporary style layout you are going to find some of the most spectacular news articles worth reading every time you open INFToday app.